Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The List: January Report

Well, I finished the month of January on a pretty good note. I worked on using some Christmas Cash to get some of the "larger" items from the list and I have picked up a few of the single figures I have been keeping an eye out for. I'm thinking about making this a monthly report since I seem to get more feedback on the subject of the list than anything else. Well, Gertie maybe, she gets some comments. So here's a picture of the haul for January.

I will note one figure didn't make it into this picture, but I did get it in another shot.

As you can see in this shot I picked up the elusive Lego X-Wing set and an Imperial Hoth Battle Pack, both from the online Lego store. First time I ordered from them and I can truly say I am impressed with their communication and shipping. I live sort of near the shipping hub I guess, but I ordered this on a Monday and received it that Friday. Plus I kept it at the standard shipping, no 2 day or overnight. They even threw in a bunch of brochures for games and sets coming out, pretty cool.

Next up a couple of the figures I have been looking for, Luke Skywalker from the Hoth Battle in the Empire Strikes Back and a freaking City Strike Snake Eyes. Luke was a trip to Wal Mart, not my favorite place to shop, but the plant section is pretty nice and my wife wanted to pick up some seeds and whatnot for the garden, I made my way to toys and picked up this figure, not a bad trip. Snake Eyes was the one GI Joe figure I was going to buy for the year and after seeing the buzz about this figure online I thought I would never see him in stores. This figure came from a trip to the Magic Grocery Store, if you are unfamiliar, it's our local grocery store that has the most awesome toy buyer, they always have the crazy stuff I'm looking for. I freaked when I saw this figure just hanging on the pegs. The big deal about this figure is he really isn't a movie figure like the rest, but a design from the GI Joe Resolute Cartoon from early last year. Not to worry I plan on doing some nice shots of both these figures in future posts.

Next, two scores from ebay, or two for the Spock Collection. A Mego Star Trek the Motion Picture Spock and a Medicom Bearbricks 2009 Movie Spock Bear. I have a plan after seeing a fellow blogger's, Reis from Geek Orthodox, Batman collection. I thought I would do a little spot light collection of Mr. Spock toys and what not. I might have a small spot light Batman Collection and Stormtrooper Collection as well, I need to rework them first. Back to these two, when I fist saw the Mego Spock online I had thoughts of opening him, but then after getting him in the mail I really dug the way the package looked. Sure it's not mint and has some flaws, but what a beautiful illustration for the backer card. I'll post pictures of the Spock Collection when it's all together as well.

Now we come to the section of the list that I call the dark side. It takes a weak will to go into a store and come out with a TIE Fighter and some figures in tow. So by the main picture and a post in the past, you know the TIE Fighter was not on the list. I have yet to open her up and take for a spin, but I will. My Barry Allen Flash is now free and checking out a Prisoner Princess Leia. How could I pass that one up? That Super Powers Joker is part of a trade from Reis, thanks again man, I think I have a few ideas on some stuff to send ya in return. All the rest are actually from the two packs I bought before I made the list. Again all will get better pictures.

Some closing thoughts on the list. One thing I have noticed is when I find something on the list, it is immediately purchased, not always good and the excuse that it is on the list does not always fly. Second, I made some of the list way to ambiguous, I need to make it more specific in areas. If for nothing else but to help me stay on track. Speaking of staying on track, a spread sheet really helps and makes it real. I've heard about making notes on what you spend for things when you make a budget, but never realized it until I tried it. I'll leave it at this, February will probably be a lot leaner.


LEon said...

Nice Haul! You know the Imperial Hoth Battle Pack Lego was also in my wanted list but it often sold out on retail leaving behind the rebels. LOL

Bubbashelby said...

I like that Snake-Eyes too, I'm looking for him as well but I don't have a magic grocery store ;)

Although I do have a magic thrift store- just picked up a vintage HISS tank tonight for two bucks!

Jon the action figures buff said...

I'm too lazy to start a list or get a limit budget, I usually just follow along with what I think I can or cannot get at the moment. But it is recommended in buyers guide and the likes.

Reis O'Brien said...

Woot! Thanks for the shout-out! I'm glad you like the Joker. He's not in the best condition, but not bad either.

I'm happy to see that you were inspired by my Batman obsession enough to start your Spock collection.

As always, the blog is awesome and your collection is a force to be reckoned with!