Friday, February 5, 2010


It was announced last night and is now official! Big Freaking AT-AT, Baby!

Check this out!

Holy Mother of the Force!

I'm not the only one excited to see this coming.


Bubbashelby said...

Haha how does that big-boy fit into your budget?

Better yet, how can I get it to fit into mine. And my apartment, for that matter ;)

chunky B said...

Oh the budget will take a hit on this one... though, if I buy two and make a table out of them it's furniture and not toys, so the budget is still good!

LEon said...

WOw! but when it reached to us here it will cost much close to the pricing of a game console.

Brian Ashmore said...

Wow, that looks fantastic!! Now, THAT is toy!!

Why do they insist on adding EU stuff to the display?! Urrggg. Dang little EU speeder bikes.

chunky B said...


I don't think that's an EU Speeder in the foreground, looks like a BARC Speeder, first appearance would be around Episode Three, and they use them in the Clone Wars Cartoon. Most of the figures in the shot are Clone Wars stuff, though it looks like an old school speeder bike, with white deco near the top rear of the AT-AT.

Okay that's enough of me being a geek...