Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bear Universe Spock

Since I'm still waiting for pictures from Vacationing Spock's last stop (and hoping he's in the mail to his next stop) I thought I would fill your lust for Spock with a cute, little Medicom Bearbricks Spock from their recent release.

I love Medicom Kubricks, but this is my first from their Bearbricks line. Oh I have been tempted in the past, Dark Knight set and the cool Star Wars bears I'm looking at you, but it took Spock to bring the goodness of Bearbricks to the Eclectorama Casa. Bearbricks do share some similar features to their cousins the Kubricks. Like articulation, leg and arm pieces.

This is an officially licensed piece as well. The funny thing is they included Spock's ears in the deco on the head, cause you can't have a Bearbricks without the Mickey Mouse type ears and you can't have Spock without the pointy ones.

This was released in the last quarter of 2009 and can be found pretty cheap on eBay, the only other thing it comes with is a card that has the title of the latest Star Trek movie on it. I think its pretty cool and will make a nice addition to the Spocklection.

As little bear Spock would say, "Wive wong and pwosper."


jboypacman said...

Did they make up a whole line of these or just few like Spock,Kirk and McCoy?

chunky B said...

Nope, just Spock. These are usually released in a series that includes stuff like a sci fi bear, a flag bear, a artist bear, etc.

I've also seen then released with a regular Kubricks like the Dark Knight version.

Brian A said...

Cool... and funny. It looks like Spock at Disneyland wearing a Mickey hat.

No wonder his wallet pocket looks so thin.

LEon said...

That's so Cute! But the ear should be pointy rite? :P