Wednesday, March 10, 2010

High Prices are Public Enemies!

If you follow all the toy blogs you know already that Target was clearing this set out at $4.48 this past weekend. Matter of fact Reis at Geek Orthodox has posted his set online and I'm sure several others will follow. Like Reis I was only interested in the Batman figure in this set and at that price, less expensive than a single figure from the same DCUIH line including tax, how could I pass him up.

A while back I was jazzed about the Gotham Knight three pack and how that was going to be the only Batman from this line, unless I ever found the Blue and Gray Bats with yellow bat target on his chest, and it was pointed out in the comments that this one would be a far superior set, meaning more articulation for the Batman figure. But the price when these were released were crazy. Not now! True I was in Target hunting up some JLU figures from my list, see I'm looking for Firestorm and Classic Aquaman, but I was happy getting this deal.

"Hmm, Chicken Pop Pie or cold Pizza..."

The first thing I do when I pop open a toy is put it through it's paces and see which poses will look the best before putting them on the shelf, I was less concerned with Captain Atom and Black Lightning, more about the Batman. I settled on this, what I like to call "The Batman Thinker" looks like he's sorting things out. I just thought this was a funny pose.

A little story about my mad toy driven mind. This Target looked like it hadn't fully reset its toy aisle and someone had found a case of DC Universe Classics (DCUC) figures from the back room, looked like series seven, there was one of each of Aquaman (in his camo), Kid Flash, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold (I think it was the Modern version), Big Barda (both with and without helmet), Captain Cold and the Flash. I sat there thinking about picking up the Helmetless Big Barda.

I knew she was a variant, and it's not that I don't like the character but I actually prefer her with the helmet like in the comics, but since I'm not that into expanding on a line I do not necessarily collect with the exception of the heroes or villains I really like, and I no longer pick up figure because they are "rare", I couldn't see spending the fifteen dollars for the one figure.

Then I noticed they had the Public Enemies figures that are the same scale as the DCUC line. They had a couple of the Batman, I had been thinking about getting a Batman from this line if I ever saw one and they had two. Both blue, for a minute that threw me off, but I realized these were supposed to be the variants from that line. Then I thought, has a scalper or speculator returned a bunch of stuff? These were only a couple dollars less than the regular DCUC, but I let them set as well. I had to save my pennies for the other things on the list (shaking fist in the air). I thought about going back this weekend, though I'm sure they are all gone by now, maybe I just need to see. See how this stuff drives me crazy. Hopefully I'll be too busy this weekend to even think about them. Plus I want s to get a retro WGSH Superman, and he's on the list.

"What!? Are you crazy, you left Big Barda behind?"

Still made out with a great priced Batman and a couple of others at a great price.


Reis O'Brien said...

Did somebody say something about Big Barda's behind?

Cool post, bro! I swear that you, me and Bubbashelby are starting to share a brain. And I mean that in a good way. Also, that would be a great name for an off-Broadway production; "You, Me and Bubbashelby!"

Just a thought.

Y9ou'll see what I mean when you see what figures I posted today. :)

Bubbashelby said...

My Target failed me and has none of these. That's okay, my swap meet shall ease my pain again soon.

I'm thinking "You, Me and BubbaShelby" should actually be a movie. With music by the band "8 Bit Goon Squad."

"You, Me and BubbaShelby." The "feel awkward" cinematic sensation of the century! Oscars here we come!

jboypacman said...

Doh! I was at Target this weekend and saw none of these. : (

chunky B said...

@ jboypacman - Our Target only had the one set left, so I figure these are being snatched up fast, hope you find one though.

jboypacman said...

Am mostly interested in Captain Atom than anything else...Think i will stop at Target tomorrow after lunch in the next town over from where i live and give them a shot.

chunky B said...

@jboypacman - Let me know what you find!

Brian A said...

Nice grab... and great photos. I love the angled ones.

Sadly, these are all gone at my Target. They had the Supes pack with Luthor but it was still around $9 as of yesterday.

jboypacman said...

Well Chunky i hit up the Target in my town and in the town next over from mine and no dice! They had "Public Enemies" figures in single packs for $12 and that was all i saw and way more i can spend at the moment(I just bought a FlipHD and going to a classic video game show at the end of the month) and like i said i was really just wanting Captain Atom(Am a fan of him,Blue Beetle(Ted Kord) and The Question(Vic Sage)).