Friday, March 5, 2010

Look out! It's the Joker!

These were part of my score for January and I must say I loves these little Batman the Brave and the Bold figurines. I have a few sets and am really surprised I have not placed them up on the blog before. The price for these at retail is about the 7 to 8 dollar range. Kinda steep, but you do get two pretty cool little dudes for that. So I don't feel all too bad for picking up a set here and there. I wish they were less expensive and that probably has kept me from buying them all.

The Joker part of my collection increased in size a little with this set. I love the homage to Kenner's Superpowers Collection with the green mallet.

"Not so fast Joker!"

"It's the Batman!"

POW! "Take that you vile fiend!"


Like there was any doubt that Batman wouldn't win. I have a few more of these I need to put up here, so stay tuned for some more tiny, funky Bat goodness.


jboypacman said...

I like them! But i agree i was looking at these at the store and the price is a bit much for me and my budget but i would still like to pick up the Gorilla Grodd set i saw.

Brian Ashmore said...

Didn't these start out at about $5 per pack? Prices are getting crazy.

I love that they didn't just take the Hasbro Star Wars Galactic Heroes route with these and just make cutesy versions of these characters (although, it could be said that they are doing just that with Imaginext). The design of these guys is SO COOL. Deformed but show-accurate at the same time.

Just wish they'd retool Batman and give us one with a wide stance that doesn't fall over so easily.

rob! said...

I love the diversity of character choices--I mean, Dr. Fate, The Demon? WOW!

LEon said...

well i have not seen this on retail over at my end. Dunno if it going to hit at our shore at all.

I like the batman in the review more than the joker. Reason? Joker look too bulky for his size. I dun think joker work out right?

rob! said...


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