Monday, March 15, 2010

Marvelous Monday! Old PEZ Head Edition!

Get it? Iron Man is "Old Shell Head", but since he's on a PEZ I called him... Oh never mind. Back in December 2009 we were finishing up our Christmas shopping at a World Market, we like the candy selection for stocking stuffers. We had decided we would look for some little candies for our Nephew since the whole family was getting together for a Christmas Eve party and he might like to have some little things to play with and snack on.

I had spied a Spider-Man PEZ, a newer one than either of the ones I had and new he loved Spider-Man so that was my contribution to the haul, I had thought about picking up one for myself when I noticed one that had a familiar yellow and red look to it.

Freaking Iron Man! I'm getting old because I had no clue this was being made. I mean I'm not a full blown PEZ Head, but I do tend to check them out when I'm in stores and the geek community usually keeps me up on this sort of thing.

Now I used to have a pretty good size PEZ collection, but ended up selling off the ones I really didn't care for. I kept my first Star Wars, my Marvels and the DC Characters that I had found, a few other round out the smaller collection now. But Iron Man, oh he was coming home with me.

I had ate the candy, even though it's not the best and set Iron Man on top of the bookshelf to watch over my other toys and he must have gotten knocked over, because it wasn't until I was dusting that I found him on his side and realized he hadn't made a blog appearance. Even though this is a more modern mask, I'm really digging the classic yellow and red colors. I wonder if they will make a more gold and red to match the movie for Iron Man 2?

Hope you enjoyed this Marverlous Monday! I leave you with this question. What PEZ would you like to see be made? Anything, the sky's the limit!


jboypacman said...

Used to love these as a kid i think i had a Bat-Man one and maybe either a Spider-Man or Superman one as well....The candy in these things not so good however lol.

Brian Ashmore said...

You guys are nuts... Pez candy rocks.

My vote would be for Planet of the Apes pez. It's too late now but it would have been cool back in the early 70s.