Monday, May 17, 2010

Marvelous Mondays! Finally a Mego Hulk Edition!!!

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh Hulk loves his puprle pants!"

I can finally say that after years, since at least 1996, my search for a Mego Hulk has come to an end. Hulk has never really been a strong character for me, sort of love hate, but I have always wanted a Mego Hulk.

He is, to me, the quintessential Hulk. I think it was over the years of reading Toy Fare and their Twisted Mego Theater and later Twisted Toy Theater that I built this Hulk up in my mind as being the coolest Hulk ever. He still is. Check him out!

Hulk looks across the kitchen and spies the pantry.

"Hulk say, quick queue the sad, walking away music!"

"Oh, too sad... that Blind Side movie choke Hulk up..."

"Hey, Hulk have Marvel Buddies at new house. Hulk thinks he might like it here!"

I think I might be done for now with my Marvel Mego Team, of course a sweet Captain America and Falcon would always be welcome, who knows...

Hope you enjoyed this Marvelous Monday as much as I have, now Hulk and I are of to raid the pantry. "HULK NEED COOKIES!"



jboypacman said...

Sweet! Congrats buddy where did you end up finding him at?

chunky B said...

A long, long eBay search. I usually do not bid high enough and lose them, but in this case he went for under my usual cutoff and Hulkie was mine!

Brian Ashmore said...

Great Hulk! All his limbs match and everything!