Friday, August 20, 2010

Ameri-Girl Redux

Remember Ameri-Girl? She made an appearance on a sketch blog I tried to do about three years ago. Anyway I had posted a page of sketches of her so I grabbed that image for a test. I set out to only use a standard stoke for my line width (like in the past) and then go and use that new line width tool to see how long it would take reworking all the lines... I would suggest using a Wacom tablet and the brush tool then adjusting with the line width tool.


Jason said...

Cool sketch! I would love to see how that looks in full color. Maybe you'll end up inspiring me to bring the sketch book out of the closet. I haven't had the motivation in 7+ years to do much of any sketching/drawing. I haven't felt inspired at all. The again, my inspiration may be going into my band.

chunky B said...

I may have to take this one to color.

Sketching or playing in a band, at least you are still being creative!