Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As promised

Here's a little pre garage sale sort action. My assistant was non other than "the Gert" (Gertie) the resident Bulldog. She really is a big help and keeps you hopping. Meaning you do not leave things laying around for too long. She would make regular trips and nose around to see if I had uncovered any squeaky toys or a nyla bone.

Walking into the room that just the day before had been clean. This time though nothing but toys on top of toys.

A photo of a little of the sorting action going down and a shot of the inside of the closet. If those boxes stacked on that tote in the foreground were not there you could actually see the floor in the closet.

Here's some things I learned during that sort.

1) I really do not need to go through a toy aisle for quite some time, I have plenty to keep me busy and posting.

2) I miss the cleaned out room.

3) Never, I'll repeat NEVER, store your JLU loose in a tote with no circulation or some sort of protection. See this photo, these two were stored onto of each other and there was some sort of reaction with the plastic.

4) Mattel's newer toys seemed to have more issues with plastic melting, paint rubs and the dreaded molt on rubbery parts. Kenner/Hasbro, to date only one problem with a Mr. Freeze, that was easily cleaned. My verdict I wish Hasbro made more of the toys I like.

5) You really need to get in the mindset to sort, not go and open a tote and start having memory flashbacks, that is if you don't want to get rid of stuff.

6) I found some long thought to be lost friends. Though still no vintage R2-D2, I'm afraid he is gone forever.

All said and done the garage sale saw six toy totes cleared out and I am on the way to clearing out a comic tote. The Room now has stacks of comics everywhere, but I will need to get it all straightened up for the Battle for the Cowl.


Bubbashelby said...

An all too familiar sight. I too need to do a purge here very soon.

Good thing I don't live in your town, or else I'd be at your garage sale 2 hours early!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Heh, heh- Gert's got a sweet face :D
Holy Toledo, ya got lotsa toys! Would love to hit YOUR garage sale :D

jboypacman said...

I missed out your awesome garage sale? Dang.

Kal said...

Toys at a garage sail. Superhero toys. Oh sweet jeebus that hurts to see when I can't be there. Any chance you can show some items that you think the 'Cave of Cool' and let me buy them from you early? Think of how much fun it will be to mail a package to the exotic tundra. Huh?

chunky B said...

Hey Kal! I am honored! This post was a little behind, the photos were shot last week and the garage sale was this past weekend. I thinned out six or so totes of stuff. But I still have a ton of toys, I even have something in mind for the Cave, I'll try and shoot you an email later and get your address.

Brian Ashmore said...

Hey, did a Toys R Us explode in your studio?! Heh, heh. Cool to see all that stuff, at once.

Man, Mattel had better start concentrating on a little more QC. I've seen that kind of "melting" stuff happen on stuff that's been stacked together in a garage for 30 plus years.... but never on stuff this new. I half expect to leave my JLU figures packed up for another 5 years only to find bins full of dusty, candy-colored goo.

Brian Ashmore said...

I also really liked the list of things you learned from the sort. Good stuff.

rob! said...

That was one trap Mr. Miracle couldn't escape from!