Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well Happy Birthday your highness...

"Would someone get this walking carpet out of my way!"

That's right I got it right this year! Princess Leia's Birthday! You know the walking carpet line always bugged me, for that matter some other lines got me thinking, how come the citizens of the Star Wars Galaxy called items the same thing we did. I guess that's what makes it work so well, I have seen other Sci-Fi movies that renamed everything to the point of absurdity. But still as a kid I wondered in a world filled with shiny metal floors and sandy breakfast nooks did they really have carpets?


Brian Ashmore said...

Didn't you notice the floor of the Falcon? Luscious, piled shag carpet all the way.

A happenin' smuggler like Han would tolerate no less.

Oh, wait... maybe I'm thinking of Corvette Summer. ... and that was Luke, not Han, cruising around with Annie Potts. I could never figure out why Luke didn't just take out the car thieves with his lightsaber. He was a long way away from Tatooine in that one.

... and a Corvette is still a Corvette, no matter the galaxy.

LEon said...

I think if she refer to blanket than a carpet make better sense since there are blanket in Starwars. Anyway Happy birthday Princess Leia. How old is she now? :P

I love you... I know. LOL

chunky B said...

Uh wow LEon, I sure hope you are talking to Princess Leia in that last part, I hardly know you : )