Monday, November 1, 2010

Battle for the Cowl: Epilogue

Well, in celebration of last Friday's victory I decided to don my Batman T-Shirt for work today. I also just wanted to thank all the readers and followers for enthusiastically keeping up with the competition and thank Reis for giving me a challenge. Reis is really a good sport and all around awesome blogger. If you haven't checked out his blogs on art and toys you need to make it a usual stop in your surfing.

The shirt was just the last of the celebrating, Friday was Chili night and a night off so I added the extras back to the shelf and made a spot for my new Batman, number 106, who's on his way. Saturday we had a viewing of that classic from 1989, Batman staring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger. Sunday, Halloween, Bat Hound dropped by to help hand out candy with Lulu and Gertie, who decided to dress as Sugar and Spice respectively.

Never fear! There will be more Bat Hound in Eclectorama's Future!

Finally, hopefully this week I will pick up a little reward for myself to either add to the loose Batman collection or some other part of the Batman Collection. Stay tuned for that in a future post. Also as work gets busier I will try to get some posts I have been planning up and make some announcements on Spockcation and something else Reis and I have brewing, so thanks in advance for being patient.


chrismandesign said...

LOL, it means that u won ??? i noticed a weird celebration tone in ur post... is that i read a lot of words there, so i couldn’t get the point (LOL again)

Reis O'Brien said...

Ha! I have that shirt! I challenge you to a "Batman Shirt Off"! Er... wait... that sounded...

Anyway, I'll be dropping your new spoils in the mail this Thursday or Friday (earliest I'll be able to get to the post office) along with some other Bat stuff that I owe people. (Can you believe that you're not the only person I'm mailing Bat-toys to?)

You were a great opponent, Chunky B and I'm looking forward to our next endeavor!

And yes, please! More Bat-Hound!

Brian Ashmore said...

Cool shirt!

The more I think about it, the more I'm amazed that Bat Hound can stand to have the mask on for that long. If my dog were to try to don the cowl (by my hand, of course... she's not Bat Hound), she would be working to strip that thing off immediately.

Bat Hound is one cool, collected chill dog. Right on.

chunky B said...

@ chrismandesign - Yes I won! My 105 Batmans to Reis' 77 Batmans! Ego is bigger than ever!

@ Reis, I not falling for this again, the Batman competition was stressful enough, besides don't you and Brain A have a Batmobile Off coming up?

@ Brian A - Bat Hound could wear that cowl all day, it's like she changes when it on. The other dogs give her a hard time though and try to take it. But Bat Hound don't play around and puts the smack down.

LEon said...

congrats for winning!