Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holidays, Eclectorama Style!

This is going to be a quick post with just some teasers for the new year and an update or two, I am swamped this week at work, having fun with a cold and this limbo week between Christmas and New Years is always sort of weird. That all said I felt it would not be right if I just didn't share in some of my holiday cheer from this past week/weekend.

So first up I decided to bite the bullet and order this guy, I promise I will do a more detailed post on him in the coming weeks. This really isn't a Christmas present, it was more of an opportunity presented itself and I just took it and pressed the add to cart button. The Super 7 Stormtrooper arrived a couple days before Christmas , so my 2011 goals are off to a grand start.

Next was a quiet little Christmas Eve Dinner planned and prepared by my wife, those were the best potatoes I have ever had by the way.

Followed the next morning by an awesome breakfast, it's a tradition to have piggies in blankets and fruit salad on Christmas morning in our house, this year a new sausage roll and some home made pastries joined the festivities. No room left for lunch or dinner after these.

Then we watch "the girls", our two Bassets and one English Bulldog open their presents. Yes we get them presents. Lulu is quite good at opening presents, I think she enjoys this more than the toy inside. Then everyone else opens theirs.

Here we have my Christmas morning haul. I think I did pretty good. This year seemed to be a Star Wars themed Christmas! These were gifts from my wife and son, pure awesome. As long as I live there will always be a toy under the tree, period.

Next my good blogging buddy, James from A Piece of the Action sent me a little surprise. I guess little isn't a good word to describe it. What could it be?

WOW! it's a Empire Strikes Back Action Figure case! Wait it's a little heavy...

Holly Cow! That is right it is filled to the brim with Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back figures! This is another thing I am going to do a more detailed post about in the coming weeks as this was another one of my 2011 goals and this little blurb does not do it justice. I just wanted to make mention here so I could send out another thank you to James, I can't thank him enough.

So, I think I have had a pretty good Holiday so far for not taking anytime off from work and having a head cold. Sure I bought a few little things in the days leading up to Christmas and one at a sale afterwards, but that is all filler compared to all that Awesome stuff above. I hope everyone is having a great Holiday and I should be back and going with more in 2011!


jasonvorhees said...

Nice haul Chunky! Glad to see you had a very merry Christmas! You must be a great friend for James to send you a storage case filled with action figures. Looks like you had a more Star Wars themed Christmas haul, where mine was more Turtle-centric!

James Sawyer said...

Wowsers! You got the giant Stormtrooper!

You are knocking your 2011 goals out of the way before it even becomes 2011! ;)

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Wow! GREAT Christmas, job & cold aside! You should (laughs) send James a CAKE for that- THAT was love there, my friend! :D

Brian Ashmore said...

It really is weird this week between Christmas and New Years, isn't it? ... like you're in limbo, or something. I'm not even sure what day of the week it is without doing a little counting.

Great post! Very cool to see the Super 7 Trooper's box and all (love that they used silver foil).... not to mention that fantastic gift of vintage SW figures. Amazing!!

Here's to another great Eclectorama year!

LEon said...

Congrats in getting that Super 7 trooper! It's good to reached your goal. How much do you pay for it anyway?

And a bigger congrats to you for getting that whole set vintage empire strike back figures! I would be jumping like a mad man if someone send that to me. LOL

Really Happy for you bro. :)

jboypacman said...

What a fantastic Christmas you had Chunky and that StromTrooper is just awesome! Oh and me and my wife give gifts to our dogs too.

Reis O'Brien said...

You lucky duck! That ESB case and figures are SWEET! And that giant Stormtrooper is beyond words. Can't wait to see what you type up about them!

Glad you had a great holiday!

chrismandesign said...

uhmmmm...i wish i could hav that christmas dinner/breakfast, seems delicious =O YUMI !!!... what a nice thing that ur own family please u with those geeky gifts (too geeky, i must say & a gift from ur son, WOW !!! i’m not a dad yet, neither hav plans for that, so i guess is something really special =D)... if that weren’t enough a friend of urs gifted that extraordinary set of SW figures... & then u gifted urself with that huge stormtrooper... well i will not call u lucky but blessed =)

Doc Atomic said...

Holy cats! You cleaned up! Love the giant Storm Trooper. And a whole box of SW figures? Geez... very cool! I can't wait to hear more about all your holiday pick ups.