Monday, December 13, 2010

Spock Stop 16: Martinsville, Indiana

Spock is off and going again, knock on wood, and here is a report form his first stop after being out of action for what seems like forever. This should be Spock's 17th stop, but I am still waiting on some photos from his extended stay so I just kept it easy an picked up where we left off.

So I will turn it over now to Brian B of What My Dad Saw and the Indiana branch of Under the Giant Penny, take it away Brian!

Megan feeding Spock some pumpkin pie on thanksgiving day.

One bite was not enough so he claimed a whole pie for himself.

After dinner Spock hung out on the couch with our "Bat-Cat".

Another day another Thanksgiving dinner. Spock found some friends to
hang with at this Thanksgiving feast.

At Saturdays dinner Spock hung out at the house which is much of the
focus of "What My Dad Saw". He didn't believe that we had our pet
bird, Mork, still in the freezer since the blizzard of 1978. He
believes now.Back story and video of Mork found here

Spock also went and saw the worlds largest Christmas tree. It
actually is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument located in the circle
in downtown Indianapolis.

Spock found a fellow Vulcan with pointy ears.

Spock visited the World War Memorial.

Spock really enjoyed his visit at Under The Giant Penny's Indiana

Before leaving Spock toured Faulkenberg Printing company.

Spock stopping by Indiana on his "Spockation".
The video shows him visiting What My Dad Saw, Under The Giant Penny
and Faulkenberg Printing Company.

Spock beaming to his next location.

We wish he could have visited longer but he was anxious to continue
his tour of America. Thanks for coming Spock!
Brian B

Thanks again Brian for hosting Spock and showing him a great time, plus sharing your Thanksgiving feast with him. Spock's next stop is Chicago, that reminds me, time to see if he has moved on to the stop after that. Tune back in and remember, Live long and prosper.


chrismandesign said...

HAHAHAHAHA this folk has a lot of fun !!!... oh, i’ve been in printing companies too =P... really nice Batman collection there... & that effect of disappearance in the last pic (an animated GIF, i guess so) is freaking good XD

Brian B said...

Thanks for letting Spock visit!
I look forward to seeing where he will go on the rest of his vacation.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

that was fun! :D

Bubbashelby said...

Great to see Spock back in action!

Brian Ashmore said...

Great Spock visit! I especially loved the video. It's good to see the Indiana branch of UTGP! .... and Faulkenberg printing.

I'm scared of that thing next to Spock at the one minute mark in the video....

Brian B said...

Be very afraid of the dragon!
He watches you!!!

jasonvorhees said...

I really wish Spock could be a house guest at my place. A great idea and he looks like he's having so much fun.

Chunky- How did you come up for the idea of Spockcation? Oh! And where's the Gonk droid? Haven't seen him in quite a bit.

jboypacman said...

Great to see Spock back on Tour again. : )

chunky B said...

Jason, I had seen this sort of thing done before with grade school kids and the troops, I think they call it a flat stanley, as they send a flat, paper drawing, cut out of a kid they call Stanley. Also I think the Megomuseum send a nude doll around and people dress it as it goes.

Gonk is sitting on my Star Wars shelf right now, he travels with me, though he is sort of mad because I forgot to take him to SDCC this past year. He may explore the house this Christmas and get back to traveling with me in the new year.

LEon said...

after a long, reading this post is worth it. go go Spock! hope he will not be alone for Christmas and new year.

Spacerguy said...

Have a Merry one Chunky B.