Friday, January 7, 2011

Candid Toy Pic - 01.07.2011

This is how my Jabba rolls.


Brian Ashmore said...

Jabba, the ladykiller. He may be a slug, but ladies love it when you drool over them.

That new Jabba looks incredible!!

Reis O'Brien said...

I'm so jealous of your Jabba! I couldn't find one around my area to save my life! ARGH!

(Awesome pic, though.)

Bubbashelby said...

Not surprisingly, I think Poison Ivy is the hottest gal there.

chrismandesign said...

so this is the eclectic "harem" of Jabba (dabba dooo ???!!! LOL)... u know, those gals rock actually, but what i find quite interesting here CB is that Kubrick Boba Fett (i could b wrong in the name of the character, as i’m not such a fan of SW...) i can see u hav many surprises out there =)

chunky B said...

@ Brian - He's a lady killer, this one has a little scrape of pain missing on his belly, one draw back to them being packed in a windowless box, though it was the only one on the shelf.

@ Reis, I'll keep an eye out for another one, you need to hit all your Wal Marts though I picked this one up on clearance for 19 bucks.

@ Bubbashelby, I threw her in there for you ; )

@ Chrismandesign, you are correct that is Boba Fett, he was from the first series that was released years ago, I bought a case at the time to get all the bounty hunters, I gave away most if not all my extras. I figured he was always lurking in the background might as well throw him in the scene.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

they spiced up Jabba since my Star Wars days... nice!
Dear ChunkyByzantine-
Please show more of the Super7 Stormtrooper- I await it like a dog waits for his bone.
Thank U!

jboypacman said...

Jabba sure loves the ladies. : )

Onigaijan said...

I like how Boba is trying to worm his way in to some of that action. Typical bounty hunter.