Friday, March 18, 2011

Let's See Some Green!

It's that time, and I thought I would post my pic first this time. I realized while I was pulling all my green stuff out and getting ready for pictures that I tend to collect a lot of the same character, over and over again, not very exciting now that I think about it. Believe me I also had a tough time with this one, where is the cut off? Aquaman has green pants, Kirk owns a green shirt, I finally settled on these green characters and not using all the versions I had on hand. I tried to mix it up a bit. So here we go.


So, this is my green... well most of it. Click the image to super size it, I put stuff in there for everyone. See what you can recognize!

John aka Jboypacman from Revenge from the Cosmic Ark sent in the first submission this time.

Reis from Hey! Look at my toys sent in more awesome green stuff. Seriously Reis has some of the best toys.

Matt, a loyal reader, sent in his Yoda collection... very nice. Matt needs to do a Star Wars blog.

Not to be out done, by no one, Erick from Wonderful Wonderblog blew me away with his Hulk Shrine... speechless.

Iok from That figures sent in this awesome photo with this explanation " I know not everything here is green but the light effect - which I caught purely by accident - more than makes up for it.It's a display of some Microman Command Replica figures from Takara's 1999 re-issue run, with an M142 Hudson Spy Magician (also from 1999) at the fore." Thanks and yes it does make up for it.

Ruben, a newcomer who's blog/website I didn't catch, hit us up with this motley crew of green dudes. How cool is this setup?

Brian from Cool and Collected sent i three pics, this one shot for the Green Project here and the next two with the largest group of TMNT I have ever seen and what I think is a Hulk Coin Bank...

Eric aka BubbaShelby from Toyriffic! shows off his collection of Green at work!

LEon from Open the Toy shows off his Green from his collection with the hopes that he did not leave anything out.

Jason from Jasonvorhee's Blog Has some stuff I haven't seen in a long time with his Green collection, thanks for the trip down memory lane with this one.

Colin from Super-Duper Toy Box sent his in with this explanation:

"As a kid, I never paid any attention to Martian Manhunter, but I'm absolutely fascinated with J'onn J'onzz as an adult. His intellect & thoughtful nature combined with enormous power appeal to me greatly. While sharing "sole survivor" status of his race with Superman, J'onn was not raised on Earth within our culture- he also witnessed the death of his homeworld. He is truly a "stranger in a strange land", something I can often identify with. *Clockwise, from the left: DC Direct New Frontier MM, Mattel DCUC MM, DC Direct 13" Deluxe MM, Hasbro 9" MM, and front/center DC Direct History of DC Universe MM."

Doc Atomic over at Attic of Astounding Artifacts and
Galactic Awesome Brings us these with this explanation:

"Oddly enough, I don't have many green toys in my collection. However, here are two that I really love -- and that have a connection to each other.
First, the Flash Gordon Signal Gun, which was made by Marx in 1938. When I first started collecting ray guns, this was a holy grail... And when I finally got one, I felt like my collection took a huge leap forward. Fun fact: For what I think are pretty obvious reasons, it's sometimes known as the Martian Boob.
The second toy is my Return of the Jedi Force Lightsaber, made by Kenner in 1983. I've been looking for one of these for a while now, but could only find the more common red one -- and since I'm a huge Luke Skywalker fan, that just wasn't gonna do. Besides, I had the green one as a kid and I really wanted it back!
So, the connection? Well... Before George Lucas sat down to write Star Wars, his plan was to license the Flash Gordon character! Yep, we almost had Flash fighting Ming the Merciless in a galaxy far, far away. Instead, we got Luke versus Darth Vader... AND Mike Hodges' version of Flash Gordon a couple years later. Score!"

Brian from Yesterville Toy Room sent this great pic of his favorite Hulk toy just being a toy!

How fun was that, I actually received more than I thought and very little overlap of green I might add, not like we were looking at a bunch of turtles at a pizza party... wait, never mind.

I'm having such a blast with this I have another one in the works, not sure when I will make the announcement for it so stay tuned.


Reis O'Brien said...

Oh man! These are all so epic! I'm crazy jealous of Doc's green lightsaber, though!

Thanks for putting this together, Chunky B. I can't wait for the next one!

Brian A said...

Wow!! Nice collections of green stuff!! Makes me feel bad for shooting just one little toy. Actually, I have about 50 green toys hiding behind the Hulk... he's just a camera hog and ended up blocking all the other toys. That's the story I'm going with.

Doc Atomic said...

That was awesome! I'm overwhelmed by some of these photos... Everyone's got amazing stuff! This might be my favorite series of inter-blog, community-building, share-and-share-alike type events... I'm really looking forward to the next round.

Reis: I'll let you know if another one pops up. BTW, now you know how the rest of us feel after seeing most of your photos! :)

jboypacman said...

Just some awesome stuff! Really some amazing collections. : )

Bubbashelby said...

Wow - great stuff everybody!

I can't wait to see what your next theme is, CB!

Iok said...

Great stuff.

I rarely display much of my collection (mainly as I'm too lazy to get stuff out of the cases) but this has me thinking about some new photos, so I'll see what I can come up with next time!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Wonderful! I am very impressed with everyone's submissions :)
B, you have made this so much fun for us all- let's keep it going, Pal

LEon said...

This is not some Green. IT's LOT OF GREEN!! I am impress at the scale of some of the Toy blogger collection. I felt so humble. Great post everyone.

Anonymous said...

Chunky, thanks again for the photo assignment! I'm having a blast with these. I love WW's Hulk room and Reis' green assortment. Oh, and that Flash Gordon signal gun--amazing. So much great stuff here!

chrismandesign said...

man, this is wonderful... although many of the vintage figures r not my cup of coffee, they r rare & hav a lot of fans out there... i like specially the Planet 51 set, the New Frontier Martian Manhunter, the Keroro, the Android & the last Hulk =)... i hope to participate the next time =(...