Friday, May 13, 2011

Hey Ladies!

All right it's ladies night and the feelin's right... oh hey didn't see you there. That's right it's time for another Eclectorama Photo Assignment! Well, the part were I post all the photos you my fine Eclectomaniacs have submitted. Stay tuned because at the end of this post I will announce the next assignment and I think it's going to be a fun one!

I thought I would drop my photo first this time, so here you have my original Princess Leia figures from when I was a wee lad.

I cannot tell you how or when I acquired these, most likely from different birthday hauls and holiday presents, but as you can see I did take care of my ladies. My favorite is the Hoth Leia front and center. To this day when someone mentions Princess Leia, this is pretty much the first thing that pops in my mind, I think the Hoth outfit trumps even the Jabba's Prisoner outfit, lets be truthful that one is so over done now, I don't know if it's the way she wore her hair or the snow bunny aspect that I dig, but Hoth Leia will always be my number one.

I have to tell you also it was difficult to decide what to shoot, I tend to collect a lot of the female action figures for various lines, and by the looks of things so do you. So lets see what you sent in.

Matt, who I have an ongoing joke that he has no website, sent in this mix, here's what Matt has to say "Padme Amidala is my favorite Star Wars female character. In this photo she has found a couple of friends to go fight bad guys with."

This impressive sampling of lady action figure form is from non other than Reis. He added "I had this big pile of 1:18 scale female figures collected and was planning this big scene of them all hanging out, maybe having a wedding shower or something, and then I spotted my DCUC Powergirl and my MOTUC Teela and decided that I needed to show my few larger ladies some love. ;)"

Ron had a great idea of doing a mix of all his figures, something from all the different lines he has on hand, "I coulda done a whole pic with just Star Wars ladies or Simpsons ladies, but settled on one from each line and even then Star Wars kinda cheated with one figure from the original vintage line and a prequel figure"

Mock had this to contribute "... is of the ladies who sit on my desk. I admit I moved Hourman but other than that it is pretty much how things look."
But wait, check this next one out, one of my favorites...

Now how cool is this... Mock's son, Logan (who has his own blog) had to send his and his sister's figures! " 7 year old son Logan. He saw me organizing my figures and wanted to set up some too. He says "Here is a picture of all the little girls that me and my sister bought. I decided to take a picture. They are mostly Super Hero Squad. Some of them are Star Wars and some of them are GI Joe. :-) "

Bubbashelby, who is no stranger to the ladies... but has a thing against dolls for some odd reason, sent in this mix. "one of these ladies just isn't like the others". Bubba sent in a whole slew of images, I picked my favorite though he has been posting the rest on all his sites, go check them out.

Chrisman sent in this awesome batch of ladies from his collection and as always he makes toy photography look awesome! "This time i wanna participate XD... i’m pretty sure at least 30% of my collection is represented by beautiful girls & i’m doing a great effort to achieve a 50/50... just for the gender equity!"

Colin had this to say about this amazing toy. "One of my favorite female action figures is the DC Direct New Krypton Superwoman- I have a few female Mattel DCUCs, but DC Direct does a more artful job with their females, in my humble opinion. This little lady loved the camera during my shoot for her blogpost at the Super-DuperToyBox this past February 14th- it was a labor of love..."

iok went all GI Jane on us with this sample of his collection, I think he covered all the favorites... wait where's Lady Jay? "My piece - Ladies of the Joeniverse - features (from left to right) Scarlett, Baroness (the less-ugly version) and Courtney ''Cover Girl'' Krieger from the GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie tie-in line. Personally I think Cover Girl looks more like David St. Hubbins but you gotta work with what you've got...

Brian sent in this wonderful Father, Daughter piece. I told Brian that the Sideshow Princess Leia is simply amazing, it looks so much like Carrie Fisher. Makes me want to go to Ebay and find one... or open up my POTF one from Hasbro. Thanks Brian for sending this in!

This is cool, I have been posting the photos in the order I have received them and I was getting worried that I would have just a bunch of dudes and their little plastic ladies, not good for nerd or geek kind, but then I received this next email from Alexa of Pop Elegantiarum..."Here's a portrait of my old Batgirl doll from the 70s. She lost her helmet and boots through years of play."
She still has her Batgirl! We need to pull together and get her the parts to complete her figure!

And as if that wasn't cool enough...

Long time blogger, who has been missed as of late, A. Pants sends in her photo of all her ladies "duking it out over Spock-Elvis". That is too funny!

This Ladies and Gentlemen was one of my favorite Photo Assignments to date, how can I top this one??? How about a picture of someone else's toys?

That's right the next Eclectorama Photo Assignment is a photo of someone else's toys! I will give you a little time on this one and I will no doubt have to remind some of you : ) So, go take a picture of your son's or daughter's favorite toys, how about a fellow collector that you marvel at their collection, or have a family member that has a collection of stuffed animals... take a picture of that. You could even go into a toy store and take a photo of toys you wish you could have, but just don't have in your collection. That's really it, it cannot be in your collection.

Here's the details...

1) Submit one JPG image to me by Wednesday, June 8, 2011 of someone else's toys (with their permission of course... well unless you are going all commando and shooting pictures in stores).

2) Include your first name and if you have a website you want linked to.

3) Send your picture and info (see above) to eclectorama [at] studiohowell [dot] com, with "Not My Toys!" in the subject.

4) I will post all the photos on Friday, June 10, 2011, so be back here then to see what people sent in.

5) Remember these toys cannot be in your collection! Yet, anyway.

This isn't a contest and I don't want too much trouble put into your picture, line them up, snap a pic and send it in! I am not collecting email to spam you, I don't have that much time,it's just for fun!


Bubbashelby said...

Great post and fun assignment. I especially love Brian's picture!

jboypacman said...

Fantastic pictures from everyone! And i just might have to do the next assignment Chunky if i get a chance. : )

chrismandesign said...

as the famous philosophers of Beasty Boys would say: "Girls... all i really want is... Girls.. and in the morning it’s..." HAHAHAHAHA... i’m sure, girls almost always rocks... everything here is fine, but what impressed me the most was the boy (Mock’s son) who has his own blog & collection... that rocks even more =)

iok said...

That was a lot of fun. I'll be contributing to the next one, too - my wife's collection of... well, that would be telling.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Wonderful! A.Pants & Brian really stole the show- GREAT stuff!

Brian Ashmore said...

I think these photo assignments are a blast! It's so cool to see the nooks and crannies of everyone else's collections in these. Looking forward to the next one!

Doc Atomic said...

Nice toys, everyone. Sadly, I bailed on this one -- I've only got two female toys! Amazing, but true. Weird.

Looking forward to the next one, though. I've got a few friends who's stuff DEFINITELY needs to be immortalized in Chunky's blog!

Reis O'Brien said...

What a great showing from everyone! I'm so loving these photo projects you're doing, Chunky B. Count me in for the next one as well!

MOCK! said...

I have been I'll for the past three or four weeks and then lost our Internet when the house flooded, but my boy was tickled to see his entry posted. You have inspired him to try some similar things on his blog.

Great entries all. And half the fun for me is to see some of the "outtakes" you all end up posting on your own blogs...

chunky B said...

Mock, I hope you are feeling better. Also good luck on the flood, we went through something similar, but if it was a Flood, flood then what we went through can't compare. If there is anything we can do let us know.

Also can't wait to see what your son comes up with on his blog.