Monday, May 2, 2011

Next Photo Assignment: Hey Ladies!

I don't know if I will have a lot for this one... That's right I want to see all those action figures of the ladies in your collections. Dig through those totes, go to your shelves and gather them up and shoot a picture. You know you have them. Pick a favorite or shoot a group but have them sent in by no later than May 11th so I can post them that Friday.

Why the ladies? I don't think they get enough exposure in the "Action Figure" world. Sure we have seen more and more being released over the years, but I get the feeling they are still regulated as the damsel in distress in many a collection.

To announce this photo assignment I went no father than my drawing desk and shot a picture of this fine example of action figure form, my favorite from when I was a kid, my original Leia.

So, ladies AND gentlemen send in your pics, here's the particulars:

1) Submit one JPG image to me by Wednesday, May 11, 2011 of your action figure ladies.

2) Include your first name and if you have a website you want linked to.

3) Send your picture and info (see above) to eclectorama [at] studiohowell [dot] com, with "Hey Ladies!" in the subject.

4) I will post all the photos on Friday, May 13, 2011, so be back here then to see what people sent in.

5) Last but not least, and this should have to go unsaid, but let's keep it decent oaky, I mean you all have mothers, sisters, wives or girlfriends (this is for the guys, ladies I am sure you will take this assignment seriously).

This isn't a contest and I don't want too much trouble put into your picture, line them up, snap a pic and send it in! I am not collecting email to spam you, I don't have that much time,it's just for fun!

Oh yeah, this will be a monthly thing so if you miss this one there will be more photo assignments to come.


Reis O'Brien said...

Sweet! I'm in!

Darius Whiteplume said...

This could be a tough one. I have far too many Wonder Women, and now you've inspired me to find a Leia. :-)

soundwave810 said...

I'm in, just wish my Harley Quinn ad Batgirl weren't Stuck in storage. Ideas are a brewing...

Bubbashelby said...

I can probably scrape up a lady or two for this one!

chrismandesign said...

well, if my hentai girls weren’t PVC statues i would consider to send a pic, but u said "action figures" & i think i have some... BTW i wouldn’t consider my hentai figures as something lascivious, but that would hurt some susceptibilities, so...

Doc Atomic said...

Okay, I'm in. I'm not sure if my entry'll be too exciting... Definitely a dearth of women in my collection.