Monday, June 6, 2011

All Vintagy and Stuff.

I finally got around to downloading the Hipstamatic app for my Gen One iPhone, that's right baby still rocking my Gen One, getting my moneys worth! Anyway, I have been wanting this app for quite some time, it's not expensive it's just I never got around to downloading it, I'm pretty choosey on the apps I download too. This one was well worth the price as I am having a blast shooting pics with it. Here's some of my first attempts, this makes me miss the days of of actually using film and hanging out at the photo lab with my pals.

The Bassets, Lulu in the back and Squee, the blurry one, howling at the door.

Some home made Whoopie Pies cooling on the rack.

A Extra Large, "Big Head" Han Solo roaming the living room.

Lulu sitting in her favorite spot, gazing out the window.


Jerbeh said...

Gotta love hipstamatic lol

They also have a neat app called "Swankolab" where it takes regular photos you previously taken and "hipstamatics" them with different effects.

jboypacman said...

Those are cool do they have apps like this for the Android? I must go look and see now. : )

RiP666 said...

I love those vintage style,, maybe I will search this apps too for my itouch..
thanks for add mine, I've done the same bro :)