Friday, September 30, 2011

Outgoing and Incoming

Earlier in the week Reis at Hey! Look at my toys! sent out a call for some trades. So, while I was getting an envelope ready for the two I had on hand, a few of my other minifigs decided to show them the door. I don't blame these two for jumping ship now.

Wow that whip has to sting! That's the last time I give my security team a week off. Okay, so, while those two were leaving the EHQ (Eclectorama Headquarters) here is some incoming post.

First is a printed invite I had drawn up for my Niece's baby shower. I included my Niece, her cat and her husband. I tried to personalize it a bit, she likes to shop and he works in the sound and lighting industry. Hope they like it. I had these printed at Faulkenberg Printing Company and I couldn't be happier.

Then there are these sets of awesomeness! In the package from Faulkenberg was a few packs of the first ever Eclectorama Trading Cards! I must have a fan at Faulkenberg, it's really kinda of cool seeing artwork you worked on in a format you never thought you would see artwork you worked on. Don't get me wrong I have had stuff printed both in my day job and as a freelancer, some for Star Wars Kids Magazine back in the day. But this is artwork I just did for fun.

I was sent five packs, I of course I am keeping the one I opened, but was told that all the packs had the same cards... oh and one sticker. So that means I have a few to giveaway! Should I have a contest, a drawing, or just send them at random. Hmmm decisions, decisions. Let me think on it and I will make an announcement next week. I think I will even do a few artist's sketch cards to sweeten the deal. What does everyone think?

Have a cool weekend and thanks again to everyone at Faulkenberg Printing Company, especially the Eclectorama Fan ; )


jboypacman said...

Awesome! Am excited by the chance of getting some of your fantastic art work Charles i can't wait to see what you decided to do.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is some terrific work. Happy to see you take everything to the next level. Best of luck.

Bubbashelby said...

All cool stuff, but I am particularly interested in your thoughts re: the Trading cards. What's the cost per unit work out to be? That would be a fun way for me to get some art out to the masses too methinks!

chrismandesign said...

nice, really nice to see ur illustrations like printed cards, ur fan at Faulkenberg has a good taste i must say... if u r thinking in a way to give away them, i’ll b waiting for ur oracle =)

chunky B said...

Ha ha! Thanks everyone, I'm digging these cards too. I can always count on Jboy to enter a contest! You will be the first to know what I have planned. Cal, someday I will have to really update my website with my official portfolio, though I have been getting good mileage out of the blog. Bubba, I haven't a clue, I was going to ask this myself. I didn't even know these were coming, my friend at the shop decided it would be a cool surprise so he took art straight form the blog and mocked these up for me. So I guess these are prototypes or a limited run. I was going to check into making some in a series so I will keep you updated.

chunky B said...

Hey Chris, thanks I was typing that essay above when you snuck your comment in. I will be doing a contest or giveaway, plus I think I have some other things I want to do for all my blogging buddies.

Reis O'Brien said...

First of all, thanks for hooking me up with a couple of badly needed Lego chaps! You're a gentleman and a scholar, Chunky B!

Secondly, I think you should have a contest to win a set of your cards, and that contest should be who has the most Dukes of Hazzard toys, or luchador masks or cats named Monkey. Just a thought.

Your artwork is just awesome, brother. Love the cards you made for your neice!

Mario! said...

Trading cards... badass!

jasonvorhees said...

That is so awesome!! I can't wait for the contest. Some Eclectorama trading cards, and maybe even some sketch cards?! This is the true definition of epic! Congrats Chunky!