Saturday, September 24, 2011

Problem Solved

That last comment in my last post got me thinking. When I got this Robin home today I looked at it and the first thing I said was "Robin does not have a cape!"

For a split second I thought it must either be a mistake on the toy or a safety thing since he is packed with a motorcycle. I mean I wouldn't get on a bike with a cape. But hey Batman does it, Then I thought it couldn't be a cycle thing he has no Helmet. Surely the Boy Wonder would wear a helmet. Looking on the back of the packages I noticed the picture had a Robin with no cape. Are they all like this? I could have sworn I gave one of my Nephews a Batcave and it had a Robin with a cape, I could be wrong.

I knew exactly what to do though. I found some scrap black fabric and some yellow felt. In hindsight yellow fabric would be much better, but felt is what i had. I grabbed some of that fusing material from my wife's sewing kit and heated up the iron. I fused a small swatch of the two materials together, let it cool and trimmed it into what I believed was a decent Robin cape (slow evening here in Texas folks).

I gently pulled and twisted Robin's head until it popped off. It's on there pretty tight. It might help to run it under a hot tap first. The base of the neck has what looks like a plastic collar where a cape should be so it works perfect to help hide where the cape slips over the peg. Cut a hole and slide it over the peg then pop the head back on and done!

Here's the results...

... no more cape-less Boy Wonder!


Brian Ashmore said...

Wow!! That was fast!... and looks great! All Imaginext Robins have been capeless. In fact, I did a similar fix to my son's Robin. Although, I didn't dare try to pop his head off. Now, that I see it that way... that's the only way to do it right. Nice work!!

jboypacman said...

Wow Chunky that was pretty slick! You could mass produce these now for those who could use them...Brilliant!

Reis O'Brien said...

I see a third party Imaginext custom parts business in your future. ;)

Well done!

LEon said...

That's a good one. :D

chrismandesign said...

r u planing to enter the wide world of upholstery ??? HAHAHA... now seriously, this is a neat job man, Robin looks a lot better, ermmm more comic accurate & this cape must b from the fall-winter collection cuz it seems very warm =)