Friday, October 7, 2011

Doodle Book: 1

Yesterday after work I had to run to the bookstore with my wife. She picked up a little photo album for a project she is working on and I picked up a three pack of those little moleskin sketch books. I went small and cheap for these as it was going to be an experiment. Surprisingly I do like the feel of the paper for drawing on, I can see why people suggest these.

Anyway, I decided I needed to keep a more concentrated Doodle Book, you know not so many bits and pieces of paper everywhere. Though I was happy to see a little flap in the back of each book that could hold pieces of paper : )

I want to try to put something in it everyday with hopes I will post the drawings from time to time. I have kept sketchbooks in the past, but much larger than these 3.5" x 5.5" pages. I thought the smaller size would force me to carry it with me more often than not. So all that said, here''s my first group from the Doodle Book.

Obviously they all can't be winners, looking at that Captain America I don't know what I was thinking on that one. I also need to take it with me when I am out and about as I did get the comment from my wife that "I always draw cartoons!" I guess I need to put all of those semesters of life drawing to good use.


jboypacman said...

When will this be for sale in stores CB i would buy one. : )

Great ideal of keeping your doodles in one place.

Reis O'Brien said...

That Batman is fan-friggin-tastic! This is a good idea. I feel like all of my artistic effort gets sucked up with work, and I never get to just draw for fun. Very cool, Chunky B!

Brian Ashmore said...

This is a great idea, CB. I've tried, too, to keep a sketch book and make sure I draw in it each day... only to fizzle out after a week or so. I like the idea of the small size... less intimidating and actually something you can take with you easily. I'm doing this, too.