Monday, March 12, 2007

The beard is logical...

...or at least cool. Spock with a beard, you have to admit that is pretty damn sweet for a toy. This is a little early birthday present that I purchased for myself on E-Bay. This little logical fellow is copyright 1997 from a great little toy company called Playmates, the makers of all things Ninja Turtle. I remember seeing one back in 97 and I had to pass because times were tight, not that I did without, but the bearded Spock just wasn't a logical choice at the time (how many times can I use logical in this post?). Well throwing logic to the wind I signed on to the bay one day and found me a Spock with a beard.

This version of everyones favorite Vulcan is from an episode of the original series called "Mirror, Mirror" were Captain Kirk finds himself in a little transporter mishap and ends up hanging with the "evil" duplicates of an alternate universe. How beard equals evil puzzles me somewhat, but I guess they had to make Spock look different somehow. Mr. Spock, or Mirror, Mirror Mr. Spock comes with some snazzy accessories; a Mirror Universe Phaser which looks like a normal phaser, but is now an offensive instead of defensive weapon, an Agonizer for punishing crew members, a Knife cause he's evil, a Desktop Computer for planning out his manifesto, and a Starfleet base to pose him on. The base is kind of weird because the mirror universe has a different insignia than the normal Trek universe, so it really doesn't fit here. Yes I'm a classic Trek geek, yes I say Trekkie and not Trekker, oh and yes I freed this Mirror Mirror Spock from his little plastic bubble universe. I mean he can't be that evil and if I remember the episode correctly he did help our good captain find his way back to the U.S.S. Enterprise, right?

Anyway this will be far from my last post about Classic Series Star Trek stuff, that's why I call it eclectorama.

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