Tuesday, April 3, 2007


One of my favorite cartoons of all time is Batman The Animated Series (BTAS for short). This cartoon had really great stylized artwork that has been compared, in style, to the old Max Fleiser Superman cartoon of the 30's. Bruce Timm was the madman behind this cartoon, as well as the newer Justice League Unlimited Series. If you're into Batman animation, then you probably know more than I would about Bruce and team and the great imagery that they have produced over the years.

What I bring to you today is a page from the BTAS style guide. If you have read past posts you would know that I'm sucker for these style guides and that the guides themselves are used by Licensees to produce everything from toys to household goodies. This page would be used to check your color usage and scale of the characters in relationship to each other. I happen to have the whole guide for this cartoon and I consider it among one of my favorite guides. This actual guide was used as reference for plush and inflatable development back in the late 90's. I had worked on a few BTAS products for a small amusement toy company around that time, and when the license was up they were going to through out the old guides and offered them to me instead. I will be bringing you some of those items that I had developed for the amusement industry in future posts so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this inquiring mind wants to,know if you swap copies (not actual guides) of material. In other words the images. I'm especially interested in good copies of the Batman Animated Guide, but if you have any others, let me know and I'll sipply my e-mailo addy. . I love the licensing art in these guidesies myself with all the great poses and images.

GeekVariety said...

Just curious if you had ever planned on posting more of these pages or if it would be possible to get a pdf or jpg file of the book scanned if you had it available?

I am super interested in things of this nature as a fan and a toy maker so if you could let me know one way or the other I would be greatful.

chunky B said...

I had planned on posting more of what I have on hand from this and some other guides. This guide does not exist digitally so I would have to scan it when time allows and I need verify if I hav a complete version. Are there specific characters you re interested in?