Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jar Jar in bad taste?

Here's a quick post featuring a fun little book on one of my favorite subjects, collecting Star Wars. I guess this would be classified as a coffee table book. It contains some of the coolest pieces from the beginnings of the Star Wars merchandising monster. It was assembled by one of the greatest Star Wars collectors that ever existed, and probably ever will, Stephen Sansweet. This book has been out for quite some time and can be found on Amazon. What made me think to post this book was the earlier post on Star Wars Celebration I.

When I was contributing art to the kids magazine, Mr. Sansweet was one of my editors, actually the one at Lucasfilm. I've always enjoyed reading the various columns he has written and numerous books that he has had published, so naturally I was looking forward to meeting him at the convention. The only chance I had was at a book signing he was doing, so I thought it would be nice to drop by and introduce myself and talk briefly. Well I stood in line for about thirty minutes, which is good for a convention, and when I got my chance to meet him he looked a little puzzled that I was not carrying a book for him to sign. I told him I wasn't looking for an autograph that I was one of the artists that he had the pleasure to comment on before anything saw print. When I introduced my self and shook his hand, he said "Oh, you're the guy who drew the farting Jar Jar!" and something to the effect of " I hope the rest of your drawings are a little more tasteful in the future". I didn't know what to say to that, I was kind of wishing I had this book and just had him sign it, but in my defense it's all about breaking those glass ceilings. I mean Jar Jar has to fart too, right?

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