Monday, April 23, 2007

Stormtrooper of the Week: Part 7

Legos and Star Wars, what a perfect combination. Star Wars brought us the "used car" Sci Fi look, where everything looked beat up like it was actually being used. I think that this is one of the reasons that makes the movie somewhat believable or pulls you into that fantasy world. You look at it and can identify with the surroundings, even though it out of this world. What does this have to do with Lego? Well besides the "used car" look, Star Wars also struck me as a very cobbled together sort of environment. Take the Jawas for instance, they were always tinkering with things, repairing, modifying, and building. The Millennium Falcon not only looked like it was built from the ground up when we first met it, but Han Solo himself said he had made some modifications himself.

If you look back to the original Kenner line of toys they had a really neat set called the Droid Factory that illustrated this point even further. Now even though I never had the Droid Factory, an believe me I wanted it, I still appreciated what Kenner was trying to do with this set by furthering the Star Wars experience and expanding it's universe. So in a way Lego has made a never-ending droid factory with it's product lines. Capturing not only the fantasy of the Star Wars universe, but that spirit of building and modifying ships and creatures capturing your imagination.

This post though is about our Stormtrooper of the week. The Lego Stormtrooper. This guy is from some of the first sets which is primarily evident by the build- a -blaster accessory, Lego has since come up with better looking blasters that are a little more to scale with the figure. The best part of this trooper has to be the helmet. The helmet is really an outstanding yet simple sculpt, almost stylized in a way. It really is a wonderfully executed piece of Lego technology. As with the sets these little troopers come with, they can be popped apart, modified, posed, and built into armies and armies of troopers for the Imperial Forces. This and they're just cool little Lego figures... I mean who doesn't love these little Lego dudes?

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