Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Batman Carnival Capers Sign

As a follow up to yesterday's post here is the Batman Carnival Capers Signage that was produced for amusement trade shows back in 1996-1997, by the now defunct Play By Play Toys and Novelties.

The actual dimensions are 2' x 4' and the "poster" itself is a high output print mounted on foamcore with a high gloss laminate coating (so please excuse the glare from the flash).

This lived in my son's room when he was younger and when he decided to get rid of a few posters, I moved it to the back of the office door for safe keeping.



Legions Of Gotham said...

Very jealous Charles!

That poster looks fantastic!

chunky B said...

Dude, take a closer look at the top pic from this earlier post:

That one came from WB mounted on foam core, it arrived a day after we shipped our booth to the show last year and has been in my office ever since. Everyone says it looks good there so it's just stayed there.

Legions Of Gotham said...

Oh, wow. You lucky dog (no logo pun intended). Thats a great piece. I really prefer oddities like that. One of my fav pieces is the full Teen Titans display from Subway. Hardly anyone got those kids meal toys, much less the display and sneeze guard static cling

chunky B said...

That is a sweet display! I remember seeing those and thinking it would be a cool piece to get. I've always liked the one from the BTAS Mc Donalds toys, I don't have one mainly because of room to display and cost. But it still is a great piece.

You know the piece, but in case others are not familiar I direct you to the all knowing LOG.