Friday, June 1, 2007

Freebie Friday!

Todays Freebie Friday is another from the Hall of Justice!

This one was a pleasant surprise as I had just finished setting up the companies business cards, everyone was digging them, and apparently my boss was cleaning out his office. This was left in my mail box at work one morning and it was up to me to track down the generous person to thank.

Well I finally found my way to the head cheese's office and he was cleaning out his office and said he found this card holder from a meeting with Warner Bros. and thought I would dig it. He was right I have it proudly displayed on my desk always full of cards, ready for action!

This card holder is from the Justice League cartoon when it was still called "Justice League" and not the revamped title "Justice League Unlimited", you know I don't think I have any of either on DVD yet, I'm falling behind. I did finish the Superman Series, had to get the Green Lantern and Aquaman Stories, Batman Beyond...check, No JL or JLU... huh, I better get busy.

Anyway I always wondered if there was a pen set or stapler that matched this.

Well until next Friday, enjoy.


rob! said...

Legions Of Gotham said...

Now that is absolutely wonderful. Fantastic piece for your collection Charles!