Monday, June 4, 2007

SOTW: Week 13

"They came this way... two droids, one protocol the other astromech, and a princess with cinnamon bun hair... the trail is still warm"

Doesn't this guy look like a tracker? This is the third Stormtrooper in the Unleashed pack (Not to worry there's only one more left). This guy looks like he's on point and has either dodged a blaster bolt or is following a trail of droid parts. this pose probably would have made more sense in the Sandtrooper pack than a space ship battle scene. You know the trooper I'm talking about, the only one looking at the ground for evidence and then stands up quickly into frame and exclaims "look sir, droids!" holding what looks like a little metal ring.

Even still, you have to have the kneeling soldier in the little green army man pack, The one that could hide behind sandbags and pick off the enemy. That is this Stormtrooper, he knows he can't shoot that well and he's wearing a bright white target so he's crouched down so he may have a better chance to survive another one of Darth Vader's crazy schemes. Now what would have been really cool is if they did the pose of the one holding the pistol waving everyone else into battle. These guys were always the commanders and if you had two of them they were always fighting each other for command. At least in my army they were.

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