Sunday, June 17, 2007

Papa and Baby Surfer

I really had other plans for a Father's Day post, but seeing how I'm trying to wrap up Silver Surfer Week, I thought this might work.

The Fantastic Four Cartoon, back around 1994, brought not only a host of tie-ins, but also a number of action figures. At the time I was trying to get most of the series, and actually enjoyed hunting them down, I have since downsized my collection, but I did manage to hang onto my Silver Surfers from the cartoon. He came in the standard 5" - 6" range as well as one that stands about 12" tall.

Besides some differences in the board these are really the same figure. As custom with most toy manufactures a larger model is made to have molds cut from. The factories can then size the figure to the desired height and you have "Baby Surfer". Produce the mold at, or close to, the original models height you have "Papa Surfer".

That was simplifying it a bit. This "Papa" and "Baby" surfer both have the standard issue surf board, though it looks like baby's could have included an attachment to simulate flying on the bottom, and the both sport a pretty neat chrome finish. The articulation on these are a little bit strange, check out the swivel on the right arm, they are still a welcome sight to the ever evolving Silver Surfer action figure.

This brings us to the end of Silver Surfer week, I just tried to hit some of the high points (or low points depending on your point of view), there are many more action figures and even his own cartoon series. The future could hold more surfer in it, you never know.

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