Saturday, June 16, 2007

Surfing With The Alien

1997 saw the release of Surfing With The Alien by electric guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani. Above is the CD Jacket for the album, that when taken from the case, unfolds into a scene with the Silver Surfer "emerging" from his creators hand.

Mr. Satriani seems to be a pretty big Sci-Fi fan, not to mention a fan of the Surfer of Silver. Many of his songs and albums deal with the subject which is apparent by this albums cover and title track. You know, my ultimate Silver Surfer movie sound track would include this song, here's hoping that it makes it into the movie somewhere, I'll be listening for it.

It also seems that this album is popular enough that it is getting the re-mastered and re-released treatment according to the Satch's official site. Happy Anniversary Surfing With The Alien! Rock on Satch!

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