Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shadow Trooper

Missed the Stormtrooper of the Week yesterday? That's because he was hiding from ya!

This week's Stormtrooper is from the "Expanded Universe" or EU for short. The EU is the term used for anything that falls outside the movies in the Star Wars Universe. So for example a plain white Stormtrooper would be "In Universe" or in movie continuity, but slap on a black paint job and mention him in a few comics and BAM! Expanded Universe fodder.

The Shadow Troopers are also known as Black Hole Troopers, and belong to the organization in the Empire under the same name in charge of gathering intelligence. The Imperial Officer in charge of this unit was supposed to have a Star Destroyer and all it's accompanying ship's compliment at his disposal for secret missions against the Rebellion. He also had all his troop's armor cast in this new stealth black color to help hide their presence. These specially trained Shadow Troopers pop up in later stories under new employ, but still sporting the same spiffy black armor.

The figure itself is really just a repaint of the earlier Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Stormtrooper by Hasbro. Still a cool concept and a real easy repaint. These figures were offered though the online Star Wars Shop and came packaged with the standard issue blaster and a new snazzy chrome display stand.

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