Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Secret Mission to Spy Island!

Not too long ago I left a comment on a little blog called Plaid Stallions that was featuring some great records from my childhood. One of these records was the Peter Pan Book and Record set for GI JOE: The Secret Mission to Spy Island. When I was much younger I would sit for hours listening to this record while thumbing through the pages and when I was done I would take my GI Joe on a secret mission to the island.

I don't know where to begin with these sets. Mystery, Intrigue, Exotic Locals! These were packed full of fun and adventure at every turn. Even today I do not think there are many forms of entertainment that would compare to the rich illustrations and soundtrack (that would pause at the tone letting you know it was time to turn the page) of these book and record sets, and still have the sample appeal.

Well a friend of mine, Rob at the Aquaman Shrine (if you need to know anything about Aquaman, this is the place to visit!), saw this comment and happen to have an extra copy of this book and record set, and knew that I would give it a good home. Rob, you have never been so right in your life! It will always hold a place of honor in my collection, Thanks again Rob! and Yo Joe!


rob! said...

glad to help oout. Yo Joe, and all that!

Legions Of Gotham said...

Wow, thats really nice of you Rob