Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Silver Surfer NES Game

I could fill this week with all my Silver Surfer action figures, but where would the fun be in that. After a while they would all look like the same naked dude on a surfboard.

So to mix it up a bit I bring you the 1990 Arcadia Silver Surfer Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The story of this game is that Galactus has summoned his herald (The Silver Surfer) to help stop an evil plot. The Surfer must stop the assembly of a device that will rip a hole in the fabric of space and let the evil hordes of Magik come through into our realm. Why Galactus would care is beyond me, maybe he has a thing against Mephisto and the others stealing his thunder. Galactus is the devourer of worlds you know.

This is one of the few video games that I still own (the Star Wars ones are all gone, but that's another story). I have actually never finished this game and as the years went on it was stored with my computer stuff. The game manual itself shares a cover with the dust jacket of the Stan Lee and John Buscema graphic novel, The Silver Surfer - Judgement Day (see below). The manual has very little in the way of describing the levels of the game except for a title of each world you must visit as the Surfer. Reptyl, Mephisto, Skrull Emperor, Possessor, and Firelord. I know these are the actual bosses, yet they are described as the worlds. The back of the manual is a little comic book, that if I remember right is the intro to the game.

I would be interested if anyone has played this game or finished it. I might get a little adventurous one day and find the old NES and see if I still have the Power Cosmic.

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Jason said...

I have never played this game. From what I have heard, this game is so hard, you stop playing after like 5 minutes. Plus, if you get hit once, you're dead. I would get this game only because I like collect comics, and I collect NES games.