Thursday, June 14, 2007

Silver Surfer Trading Cards

In 1990 Impel introduced the Marvel Comics Trading Cards. Along with a majority of the Marvel Universe, the Silver Surfer not only had a regular card, but one of five of the bonus Hologram cards that used the same surfer art.

This set of cards was certainly a departure from the days of bubble gum and baseball rookie cards, and while it wasn't new to have cards for non sport properties, it did help create a boom in Super hero collectables.

I remember that we would hit local drug stores that carried case packs and buy a couple just to try and make a set, and even then you were lucky if you would get two or three of the holograms. I ended up with two until a class mate in my production art 101 struck up a conversation about the cards, another class mate said he was selling a set of the holograms for 20 bucks, so we decided to both chip in and split the set.

The next day came and my "buddy" failed to show for class, the seller said he would hold them for a week. The end of the week came and my partner in this venture still failed to show and being how the Spider-man card in this set was going for 20 bucks by itself I plopped down two tens and took them home. The following week the no show came to class and wanted his half of the set that he knew I would let him take home and he would bring cash the next day. I passed on that deal, so I have a full set now.

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Jason said...

This was a great set. The Quasar card was the hardest for me to obtain. I was in 7th or 8th grade when I decided to trade these in. I went to my local comic shop, and they gave me 90 dollars in trade and like 20 bucks cash for the complete set as well as the complete set of holograms(the Silver Surfer had a crease in the top right corner). I actually have 2 sealed packs and 1 sealed pack of series 2.