Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Batman - Joker

I was finally able to get one of these after two years. See, the Amusement Toy business is pretty much like the Retail Toy Business, if you want to get your hands on the competitions stuff you need to find it in the market. I've looked and searched for crane machines when ever we were out and had never seen these Jokers. Then one day a friend of mine decided to start his own crane business and was ordering samples and I seized the opportunity to get my hands on one of my favorite villains.

While I'm more of an old school (or even BTAS school) Joker fan, I still kind of like the designs from "the Batman" (the current Batman Cartoon). So while trekking around a trade show two years ago I came across the Namco booth (one of our competitors) who happen to have the new cartoon license. A deal we were trying to get. Well I knew then that I had to get one of these no matter who was making it and so "the Batman Joker Initiative" was born.

Now while I don't like to go around slamming the competition, I will say I wish we would of had a crack at these, I would have definitely had to say something about the QC on the paint apps on the mouth, and while we use hard stuffing on our larger pieces, this guy uses it and he standing at about fifteen inches tall,still a good candidate for the soft polyester stuff and he would be so much cooler soft filled. I know why they chose to hard fill it though... cost. I might have to do something about that in the future. Fo now he'll be hanging here in my office as is.

Maybe some day we'll get to do a Joker, and a few of my other all time favorite character's on my wish list. If you could see one of your favorite villains or super heroes in a crane machine, who would it be? I'm saying this right now Joker, Blue and Gray Bats, Robin, The Flash, Aquaman, and Hal Jordan- Green Lantern!


rob! said...

since my first choice is obvious, i'll list my #2 choice and say Flash!

btw, the Rastafarian Joker done in plush just looks totally insane to me. :)

Legions Of Gotham said...

Man...I'm always on the lookout for these. They made a Bane and a Penguin also! Nice score.

I honestly really want the Bane plush..but if I had to pick another villain..Two-Face all the way!