Monday, July 2, 2007

"I've been hit!"

Okay this is not the SOTW (Stormtrooper of the Week), but it is part of the Galoob Micro Machines Set that is. Galoob, the toy company known for those tiny, micro cars, took the micro treatment and combined it with the Star Wars license and produced a good amount of product before they were bought by Hasbro.

One of these sets happens to be the Stormtrooper/ Death Star Playset. This bust of a Stormtrooper opens up to reveal a tiny world, in this case the Death Star, and came packed with mini figures and one of the many Star Wars Micro Machine vehicles. The figures included in this set are Princess Liea, Han and Luke in their Stormtrooper disguises, Chewbacca (screaming for help in the compactor), an Imperial Officer, and this dead trooper. Kind of crazy that the set that features the Stormtrooper head comes with the dead trooper, oh well. Darth Vader's Tie Fighter rounds out the set and can even dock (upside down though).

Some cool little action features like the slide from the second level into the trash compactor, a pop up dianoga head, and closing walls on the compactor make for a fun time reenacting the Star Wars compactor scene. All in all a nice little portable play scape, from a simpler time, before the empire, when Jedi where the guardians of the galaxy. Well not really I guess if this is an Imperial Playset...

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