Monday, July 9, 2007

Better Late Than Never!

Since I slaked a little last week because of schedules here's what would have been last weeks Freebie Friday!

The Superman Animated Series Trouble Shooter. I'll just break into the story on this one. When I worked for Play By Play back in the Nineties I was in charge of setting up artwork for the Superman Animated Series product line, so I actually worked on this one. At the time I thought it was rather ridiculous to have a set of Superman Juice Cups, but the powers that be wanted them so I set up a series. When I saw this stock art piece called Trouble Shooter, I thought it would be clever little joke to make one of the Juice Cups a Shot Glass, my little way of sticking it to the man. Little did I know that the man would think it was a great idea and make the cup. That really made me disappointed in the people in charge at the time.

Flash forward to 2007 and Bill, the Eclectorama Trouble Shooter, brings me what he thinks is a cool cup from days gone past for me to keep my pencils in. Not knowing I had actually worked on this product. Now don't get me wrong, I totally think it's cool, but it's also funny how this came back into my life after so many years and reminds me of crazier times. Thanks to Bill I now have a place for my pencils and a trip down memory lane.


Legions Of Gotham said...

ANOTHER wicked piece! I actually think this one is really cool, Charles.

A great rarity to be sure. I didn't even know this existed!

Legions Of Gotham said...

You don't still have the style guides from STAS do you?