Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Biggs? Who the...?

Biggs Darklighter finally gets an action figure in his civis! I thought I would never see the day. Biggs is the pilot at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope that was Luke's buddy back on Tatooine, we never saw any film footage of him back on the desert planet because it ended up on the cutting room floor. Kind of makes this figure that much cooler.

Even though it wasn't in the movie, there was still photos used in publications and the scene played out in the Marvel Comic movie adaptation at the time. These are shots from the Story Book back from an earlier post. I always thought it was a shame that we never really got to see this scene played out on the big screen. Maybe it made Luke seem more nerdy than he already was, I thought for sure when they made the Special Editions that we would see this added back, but instead we got the Jabba scene that ended with some Boba Fett, cause George needed a new boat. Don't get me wrong, I am a Boba Fett fan, but did I need to see him at the end of that scene, I think not.


Legions Of Gotham said...

Wow, I never knew about these scenes and that character! Cool!!

Lucas is a money grubbing bastard.

rob! said...

Lucas has managed to merchandise every single dusty corner of the SW universe

...i mean, come on, a character that never actually appeared in the original film? whats next the yellow-skinned version of Jabba that appeared only in the SW comic??

chunky B said...

Biggs was in the film, he was shot down over the Death Star, just this "version" of Biggs never made it into the film. The Special Edition (don't get me started on these) even added the footage of his and Luke's reunion in the Rebel Hanger. Though as a kid I always wondered why Biggs wasn't shown in the movie in this costume, I mean the Story Book had it, right?

I also tend to agree (more than I want to admit) that Star Wars has become the evergreen property that it was always said to be, George has done one hell of a job licensing that cash cow out. But I can't fault George Lucas for making money, just me for paying for that addition to his castle.

chunky B said...

...Oh and what about the "Human" form of Jabba, don't forget him... I mean we have the Concept Artwork figures now, why not go all the way with this?!?

rob! said...

of course, youre right, Biggs IS in the film, i can't believe i typed that(twenty lashes with The Phantom Menace for me!)

...i guess what i was thinking of(he says, backtracking) was that the figure is of Biggs in a costume from a scene that isnt in the movie.

i simply cant fathom why, with all the endless re-ings of the Trilogy, Lucas has never put that Biggs on Tatoonine scene back in.

heck, i remember seeing it in a TV print once, and i thought i was going crazy---"HEY, I DON'T REMEMBER THIS SCENE!!"

rob! said...

oh, and if Lucas is going to try and make figures of every available iteration, why not characters from the Marvel comic? the comic helped keep the franchise alive inbetween movies, and i'd actually buy Hunter, Baron Taggart, and Jax the Big Green Rabbit action figures.

chunky B said...

They do make Marvel Comic figures, in so much that they are repaints of previously released figures, along with some of the Dark Horse comics. These are called Comic packs, comes with two figures (painted to look like the comics, of course) and a reprint of the comic they appeared in. So far there are four Marvel packs. I've only picked up one, but I may get the rest just because the packing is cool, the figures are pretty lame.

I would so get the Jax, the Green Rabbit! Oh, and I wouldn't wish a lashing with the Phantom Menace on anyone, that just sounds painful.