Thursday, July 26, 2007


I've always wanted to go to San Diego Comic Con, but alas I have never had the opportunity. Not to worry I will celebrate my geekness all the same. I plan on hitting the Post Office at lunch for the release of the Marvel Heroes Stamps, I've been watching old episodes of Star Trek the Original Series and the Filmation Batman and Robin Adventures, I've been listening to an old GI Joe record (thanks, Rob!), blown the dust off a few of my toys, and broke out one of my first comics here!

So here it is, in all it's dog eared, bent cover, loose spine glory. One of my first comics, Man-Thing. Man I really enjoyed my comics back in the day. Only a handful have made it to the present day (all pretty much in the same condition). It's been a while since I read this story, but in a nutshell all the heroes on the cover are not really the heroes, they are some sort of demons, or something. All I know for 25 cents this last image scarred me for life, and now I put it up here for all to see.

A friend once thought his cowboy comics were bad influences on his life, I broke out the Nightmare Box here and showed him some images from my childhood and he agreed I had the most messed up comic for a kid.

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rob! said...

that panel is MESSED UP.

glad i could contribute to your Geek Week!