Friday, July 13, 2007

Freebie Friday!

I'm not sure if these would qualify as a "freebie" since I did buy my friend lunch for bringing these in, but since I didn't actually buy the toy I'll make an exception to the rules (plus the bulk of my collection is in storage till the house repairs are all complete).

Galactic Heroes! Luke and R2-D2! I've had some of these up before, and I really think these are pretty cool little figurines, not sure I could ever find myself buying the whole set, but they do have some pretty neat ones out there that have made their way into the Eclectorama Collection, I usually try to pick up some of my favs.

Anyway, I was "given" this set with everyone's favorite droid and his farm boy owner, and decided to keep them in the box because of the illustrations on the front, plus they look pretty cool displayed at work that way and I don't look to much like a toy geek, plus it looks like I'm studying the packaging... yeah right.

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rob! said...

i think its neat that with these, Star Wars is moving from a movie-centric line of toys to one with an eternal presence in the toy aisles, with toys for kids of all diff ages.

eventually there'll be a generation of kids who grew up with these toys who'll be surprised to hear there were actual Star Wars MOVIES!