Monday, July 16, 2007

SOTW: Under the mask!

For this week's Stormtrooper, I thought since I had the actual vintage Snowtrooper featured last week I would show the modern version of this guy. So I bring you the 2007 "Vintage" Series Snowtrooper. Hasbro has been taking figures for the past three years and packing them in the older style packages, wrapping them in a case, adding some detail or articulation, and marketing them as a Vintage Collection. I for one like most of these figures for the following reasons,

1) They are original trilogy characters

2) The added articulation is kind of cool

3) I like the vintage art used on the packaging (since I threw away most of my real, vintage packages as a kid)

So what is there not to like? Well on this guy there is one detail which I'm not a big fan of and it's the clone issue. Hasbro has decided to make several of the re-releases of the original trilogy Stormtroopers with removable helmets. Cool right? Well cool if the mug underneath is not of actor Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett and the face of all the clones). Now I can only blame Hasbro so much for doing this with the toys, George Lucas really started it in Revenge of the Sith and should get the majority of the blame. We all realized these troopers were clones in Attack of the Clones, but then in Revenge of the Sith we get reminded of it constantly as Mr. Morrison's face pops up every where there was a clone without a helmet on (and the voice of all with helmets on to boot), I only hope this guy negotiated his image rights before he signed anything. That would be my biggest problem with the toys, this one in particular. I really do not need to be reminded of the newer Star Wars films when I pick up my classic Star Wars character. You know it is only a matter of time before George goes back and adds Helmet-less clones through out the original trilogy.

The helmet thing aside, this is really a neat figure, again the advances in articulation enable all sorts of cool fighting poses. I would say that besides the original vintage figure this is probably the next coolest Snowtrooper out there. If you have to have one, and can't find the vintage repack, just wait because I'm sure Hasbro will re release this guy over and over for years to come (another one of my pet peeves).

Anyway enjoy the pics, I decided to drop a few more up than usual, and include a comparison shot from then to now.

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