Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hotwheels 1966 Batmobile

Not too long ago I had a post about finally finding this little jewel in the toy isle of the local grocery store, and since I posted a another grocery find on the ol'e blog here, why not keep it going a little.

So to get it going in a "bat direction" I thought I would shoot some better pics of that beautiful little die cast car released in 2007, none other than the 1966 Batmobie.

This "Corner Grocery Store Corner" might be a fun little feature, it does seem like the local food mart here in town gets some pretty neat stuff in the ol'e toy isle every once and awhile.


Legions Of Gotham said...

Nice pics Charles!

Did you see the 1/18th scale 'fuzzy' batmobile that Mattel is making for the San Diego con? Its on the forum.

chunky B said...

I checked the photos out yesterday on Legions Of Gotham, Mattel is really pulling out some of the more obscure Batmobiles, aren't they?

That's a bit pricey as well, $300! I think I'll wait till they come out with the regular one at that scale!

Jay Amabile said...

This batmobile is awesome. I have this one and the corgi version that came out in the '70 or '80s.