Friday, August 17, 2007

12 inch Dewback Patrol

This weeks Stormtrooper is one of my all time favorites not only because it is a Sandtrooper, but he's comes with a pet. A pet Dewback to be precise. I know I've said it before, but the Dewbacks in the original Star Wars (before the many, many remakes) always fascinated me. I used to think it was so cool that these futuristic looking dudes were riding around on creatures instead of flying around in hover cars.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a Dewback grazing in your backyard... on second thought I don't think I would want to clean up the Dewback Poodo in the back yard. I imagine the HOA would have a few things to say about the smell.

Well no worries with this Dewback and trooper combo. From the Power of the Force 2 line by Hasbro, these two are huge! I threw a ruler in for reference so you can get an idea of the size. The trooper is in the 1/6th scale (12 inches) along with the Dewback. Now I know that the Dewback should be a little bigger, but I also realize manufacturing capabilities what they are, I should just be thankful that they produced him at this size. I could imagine the cost of a too scale Dewback. The Dewback is about 24 to 26 inches in length, easily the size of a small dog. Speaking of dogs, the day this arrived I unpacked it and set it up on the kitchen floor and the bassets commenced to howling. They didn't know what it was, but they knew they didn't like it. They eventually came around and will occasionally sniff it to see if it's going to move.

Well it's off to find them pesky droids... getty up!

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rob! said...

i love that pic of the Stormtrooper with the ruler..."Hey, Phil! Get a shot of this!"