Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coffee Shop Spock (or a Tale of Two Spocks)

Well Ebay strikes again! I was after the 1998 Playmates 9" Mirror Mirror Spock and ended up with the 1997 Playmates 9" City on the Edge of Forever Mr. Spock as well. Both of these were KB Toys Exclusives at their time, but now they are a good example of how modern toys do not hold their value that well. Once, these would be about 35 to 45 bucks each (and some sellers are still trying to get that for them) but now both can be had for less than what they retailed for.

The Mirror Mirror Spock, or Evil Spock, is one of my favorites. You may remember an earlier post where I won the regular action figure of this character. Well I knew once I saw that this guy was going for such a decent price I needed to throw my hat into the ring. I thought I would try a little diversion in that the seller had the second Spock up for bid as well and the same bidder was bidding on both, plus the second was ending two minutes before the Evil Spock and it had a little more interest as there were several bidders. I immediately dropped a bid on the second Spock, or as I like to call him Coffee Shop Spock, cause he looks like he's dressed for a little action at the local Star Fleet Bucks. My thinking was that the two bidders already there would be distracted enough that I could bid on the Evil Spock and not be hassled by a bid war. Well my plan sort of back fired because not only did I get Evil Spock, but his buddy Coffee Shop Spock came along for the ride.

Still I made out paying less for both of these with shipping than if I would have picked them both up at the store back in the 90's, so not really a bad deal. A bonus is that Coffee Shop Spock is sort of growing on me. I'm thinking of crafting him a easy chair and side table in some mod colors, trade in his phaser, tricoder, and communicator for an iPod, Laptop, and Mobile Phone, then serve him up a danish and a nice espresso.

Coffee Shop Spock will be kicking it in style on the ole' desk, until that ass, Evil Spock, comes along and knocks over his espresso and eats his danish.

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rob! said...

i never realized how much MU Spock looks like Dr. Strange...