Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Death Star Trooper

I've been waiting for a better version of this figure for a while now. Sure they did a more accurate one in the POTF2 line when the Hasbro / Star Wars Toy Machine geared up production again, but this one not only has more detail, but more articulation. Plus I am now one step closer in completing an updated "Original Twelve" Display (more on this to come).

A fun little note about the times we live in. Hasbro has no problems releasing a figure called "Death Star Trooper" today, I'm guessing because death is a regular event on our news and television sitcoms now, or at least in the short time I've been alive. Remember when something like Three's Company would be considered racy? Well now it's nothing compared to the shows you can get on your local stations. Anyway back in 1978 when this character first made his appearance he was called the "Death Squad Commander", that didn't last long Kenner (now Hasbro) immediatley changed the name to "Star Destroyer Commander" which happens to be the name that this figure is known by.

I must have received mine before the change, because I've always known mine as the Death Squad Commander, made sense to me at the time, I just figured he was the guy in charge of carrying out Grand Moff Tarkin's orders to execute Princess Leia. All my non geek readers are going, whaaaa? with the who now?

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