Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Holy Bat PEZ!

What can you say about PEZ that hasn't been said before? I personally have reduced my PEZ habit to a few packs a day... I kid.

I used to have a ton of PEZ dispensers, you have to admit these things are a little addictive. I finally rounded up most of my PEZ and put them in a large shoe box and sold them in a garage sale, keeping only the ones I truly like. Talk about a liberating feeling, letting go of stuff, kind of weird to hear that from a collector, but every once in a while I feel the need to purge the collection, one day I'll be back down to one tote of stuff... Hahahah Hahahahaha, man that really does sound funny.

Anyway I only have a few Heroes, some Star Wars, and a foreign PEZ in my collection now, and am much happier now that I only have to set up a few when the shelf gets bumped and not an army . Still, to this day I check out all the cool PEZ that are hanging on the end caps.

Well here's the ones I kept that represent the Dark Knight, still a would love to find a Joker one, possibly the Batman with the plastic cap. Who knows a knew Batman movie is on the horizon, maybe we'll see a Joker PEZ again, I think I could afford the self space for the Joker, not sure I would eat any of the candy from a psychotic clown though.


rob! said...

from L to R:

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez Batman, Frank Miller Batman, Sheldon Moldoff Batman!

chunky B said...

Now that is spooky, I really wonder on the "Jose Luis Garcia Lopez PEZ Head", PEZ had to base that on something he did.