Friday, August 3, 2007

Seductress, thy name is Ebay!

Why do I find myself searching for treasures online? I tried selling stuff on Ebay, but ended up using most the money to buy something else that I wanted more. Hello my name is Charles and I'm an Auctionholic.

Anyway here's a pic of the latest "find" on Ebay. Now most people go on the bay and buy that item they longed for no matter what the price. I do a have a rule that I tend to follow. Get it at a deal! If the market demands 40 bucks for an item, I want it at 10. With a little patience you can eventually find a bargain (or what I as a collector would call a bargain, the normal person would call it junk).

So with that said here's my latest conquest, the AVON Art Asylum Star Trek figure set. What better way to get a cool Mr. Spock and the rest of the Holy Trek Trinity all in one shot? Live Long and Prosper...

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rob! said...

i had to swear off ebay for a while, for i found i'm incapable of just bidding on small stuff.

if i see an Aquaman item i dont have, i bid on it, pure and simple. when i found i spent around $500 in two months on ebay stuff, i knew i had to go cold turkey for a while!