Monday, August 6, 2007

Playmates Classic Star Trek

I thought I would follow up last Friday's Star Trek post with a part of the Playmates (Toy Company) Classic Star Trek Bridge Crew Set. This is the Captain James T. Kirk figure from that classic set. The box set was released on the Nineties, about half way through Playmates run of Star Trek figures. I remember when these were finally released I dropped two on layaway for myself, and one that I picked up as a gift for a friend. I would go and make payments every month till the day came that they could come home. My son and I ripped into one set and we had a pretty good time playing Classic Trek on the living room floor.

Now the good captain here, resides with the rest of his crew in the Eclectorama Collection. I always liked the chunky look to these figures, and count them as some of my favorites, besides the Megos of coarse. Until I have a chance to shoot pictures of the set in the box, here's a link to what they looked like in the package. What kid would not love getting one of these? No matter how old they are.

I've just noticed that I've hit post number 100! Thanks Captain! Ahead Warp Factor Five!

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