Monday, September 24, 2007

The Batman Can Fly!

I really dig this new interpretation of the Batman making the rounds on the cartoon channels. I know some people do not like the re-imaging of the characters or maybe the style of the show, but to me it all helps to keep the franchise fresh. I also have to say I caught the new season's premiere this weekend, and ole' Sups has a little bit of an attitude towards the Bat, it's usually the other way around, isn't it? Made it interesting.

Anyway, this is one of the deluxe figures from Mattel, I believe he broke out the flying wings to chase down and capture Firefly, in season two!? For the most part it is pretty show accurate, except for the giant missiles, but looking past those, it is a pretty neat figure set. The wings fold up and pop back out, and he has the harness sculpted on so it's not like a generic Batman with a hole in his back. The usual articulation on these guys at ten points and the "chunky" features help complete the look. You know now that I think about it, does it ever hurt to have a giant missile strapped to your back? Boba Fett I'm looking in your direction.


rob! said...

i dont watch the show, but from what ive seen the toys look cool...the giant bat-wings look neat.

chunky B said...

Well you need to keep an eye on these toys at least, because the Flash, Hawkman, and a Hal Jordan Green Lantern are supposed to make an appearance sooner or later!

Why do I have a feeling scalpers already have them all bought up already?