Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vintage Jedi - Ol' Ben

You thought Yoda was in pretty good condition! This is my original Obi Wan Kenobi from the 1978 Kenner Star Wars line, with original saber I might add. I remember needing to get this figure to train my Luke figure, but that was probably it, he was much too old and frail to combat the evil Empire at the time. I would have to say that at that time Old Ben was not my most favorite of characters from the movie, but as time goes on he has become one of my top ones. Funny how things change when you get older.

He has become so much my favorite that when I sat down to check out the recent Family Guy Blue Harvest episode I was really offended at how he was portrayed in the show. Now I'm not an old stick in the mud, I can handle Family Guy in doses, but a show that's whole gimmick is "that's like the time (insert funny moment in pop culture here)" kind of gets old. Back to Kenobi, as I'm sure to have made some Family Guy fans upset, I think it goes back to what one of my readers has said about respecting our Jedi Masters as little kids, and to me Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda are really the two I think of when you mention Jedi masters.

I will say that I really love the simplicity of vintage toys sometimes, the articulation and paint applications are basic, but just enough to spring board that imagination. I don't think I ever wished my toys could hold numerous poses as a kid, okay maybe it would have been nice if the Stormtroopers didn't look like they were handing you their blaster when you posed them, but that's all part of the appeal of these vintage figures. I really dig today's figures as well, but you can't beat these originals for what they are, fun toys.


rob! said...

i, like many of my generation, could NEVER keep that little hair-thin end of the lightsaber from breaking off.

some wounds dont heal.

Jay Amabile said...

It IS amazing how tastes change as we get older. I've noticed myself liking movies and music I didn't as a kid. But as characters from SW goes I think Kenobi was the type of character that really got cooler as we saw his back story in the prequels. Ewan McGregor was dead on. You're right, the vintage figures are the best. The newer figures are almost too lifelike if that's possible. They usually have way more muscle than they should. I remember when they released the SW figures in '95 and Luke looked like a bodybuilder.

chunky B said...

Those tips on the lightsabers always got bent or broke totally off.

I also remember the 95 figures, Luke was like the Hulk. I kind of like this first set of re release figures for that, makes them kinda quirky.

The Obi Wan back story was the best part of the Prequels, it did influence my take on the character.

Legions Of Gotham said...

Hell I used to put toothpicks in there when they'd inevitably break! They were sharper anyway! and you could color them with marker. lol.